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Automated Rules select KeyWords
with best CTR and Conversions

Starting Google AdWords campaign, everybody want to have as much effect as possible for less money. We can reach it manually tune up the bids, keywords, and keyword matching types. However, we can very easy automate all these and have very good result without spending hours analyzing every keyword.

I suggest inputting to your AdWords campaign as much Keywords as you can. Then pause keywords with low CTR and low Conversions. For pausing Keywords, you can use Automated Rules.

1. Fill Up the Keywords Box

I recommend adding Entering and Ending Words and Phrases. These will help you to get automatically thousands of combinations. Just have a look suggested example and you will get ideas for your business. Just change all words and Phrases for matching your goals.

2. Save your Keywords.

After you type your keywords and phrases you can save them. These will help you to continue your work if you need to change something or use same keywords for another adWords campaign.

3. Copy Generated Keywords to Ad Group

Our system will generate all combinations for Keywords with Entering and Ending Words and Phrases. You will get them in all matching types. Just copy all suggestions from the box "All Matching Options of all KeyWords combinations" and paste to needed Ad Group. Take care that number of keywords for each Ad Group is limited by 5 000.

4. Set up Automated Rules

Automated Rules will switch off the keywords with low results.

Open your adWords Campaign. At the bottom of left Side Bare click Bulk operations, then Automated Rules. I suggest to set up two Rules.
  • Pause Keywords if CTR is less than desired level. E.g. 0.3
  • Pause Keywords if Cost Of Converted Click is less than desired level. E.g. 0.50
For both rules, you need to specify minimum Impressions (200 or 300). Otherwise, the Keyword can be paused after first impression. Determining how often your rule will run better to set once a day.

Google have very good articles about automated rules and keyword match types